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Brittany Cole

I am the owner of Killer Body Fitness, the gym for women in New York and I have been trained over 1,000 women in this industry over the past 10 years.. With this being my 2nd pregnancy, I wanted to share all of the knowledge that I've gained during the pregnancy journey and pass it on to other moms who want to maintain an active and healthy pregnancy.

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Killer Body Fitness is here to help you build your confidence during your pregnancy with self love, a positive routine and the support needed to be successful. 


Whether you want to maintain muscle or just have an active lifestyle during your pregnancy, we are here to support your goals.


Have full access to virtual workouts,  Video demonstrations, nutrition guide and our motivational community.  Let the ladies at Killer Body be your coaches and help you throughout your health and fitness journey. You've got this Mommy!


• Workout Log


• Nutrition Guide

• On Demand Prenatal Classes


• Workouts for each Trimester

• Prenatal Diary

• Birthing plan Template

• Access to Community

• Workout Video Demonstrations


Digital Download you can print, and have a handy on your phone, tablet or laptop

Embrace your body and have an active pregnancy  journey with our Sexy Fit Mommy Prenatal Program - a digital download tailored for expecting moms. Discover a collection of quick and effective exercises designed to support your well-being during this special time.

Convenient for your
schedule. Workout when its best for you!

Designed to fit into your busy schedule, our program offers time-efficient workouts that accommodate the unique needs of all women. Relieve stress and strengthen your body with a fitness routine that adapts to your pregnancy journey.

Feel empowered during your pregnancy!

Take proactive steps toward a healthy and positive pregnancy. Our Sexy Fit Mommy Program is your handy dandy notebook for staying fit, energized, and confident as you navigate the beautiful journey of expecting a child.

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Killer Body Prenatal workouts are safe to do during your pregnancy but still consult your doctor. Each trimester, the workouts adjust to the changes in your body so that you are active without overworking your body.

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The pregnancy journey can feel lonely at times because either we are isolating ourselves or its hard to communicate our needs with others. Let us support you throughout the different stages of your pregnancy. 

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Boost your confidence and keep your mind in the right place by taking time out to work on you and your goals throughout this pregnancy. Your body is your babies home so we want you to feel your best.

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