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Killer Body Fitness prides itself on helping women reach results at many different levels! Not only do we focus on the body, but the mind as well. A healthy lifestyle isn't complete without both mental and physical help, which we incorporate in our programs. You receive the motivation needed to push harder when you thought you've had enough, and you get the support you've always wanted during life changing transitions.

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Have fun while you're working out!

Our environment and training style makes us different from any gym you've ever walked in. No two classes at Killer Body are ever the same. We like to switch it up and offer different classes to keep your workout journey exciting! You never have to go to the gym and feel confused when trying to figure out what to do, we have that handled for you!​


At Killer Body, our Small group sessions will challenge and push you outside of your comfort zone, and you'll love it! With the support from our trainers and members, you will not only see a change from your consistency, you'll feel healthier and stronger.

Women need a safe space where they can focus on their personal goals without the distraction or intimidation that may come with big box gyms. Our boutique Gym and Studio gives you the personal attention and guidance needed to confidently push towards your goals and reach them!

Boxing Gloves


Monday & Wednesday

6:15am / 6:15pm 

Tuesday & Thursday

6:15pm / 7:15pm


Saturday & Sunday




We offer group training & classes so that you can choose the best option that fits you and your lifestyle! All boot camps and training sessions listed are included in the Killer Body Membership and you have unlimited access as a member. Training passes can be purchased on MINDBODY, memberships are done in person.




VXN Dance

Sexy Step Cardio

Sultry Stretch

Wuk N Wine Dance

Vibez Yoga

& more



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