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Freeze my account

Thanks for submitting!

By  clicking the "Submit" button on this page, I acknowledge that in order to freeze a Membership, I am obligated to complete this form and provide KILLER BODY, with a 30 day notice. Physician’s note stating a freeze of membership for medical purposes is necessary. If you would like to cancel your membership, please choose the cancellation option. Once you cancel, any payments outside of the 30 days will be voided. Canceling your membership does not refund for previous payments or stop a payment within the 30 days notice.  A freeze is effective upon the next billing date for one month. I acknowledge that billing is temporarily postponed during the length of the freeze only and I will be charged $15 during my freeze. As a Member, I acknowledge that I am responsible for the remainder of the membership fee under the Member Agreement regardless of the length of freeze. Freezes cannot be initiated consecutively. 30 days’ written notice prior to billing date is required for all freezes. To request a freeze, I must (1) submit this electronic form to KILLER BODY at least 30 days before the requested freeze or cancel is to begin and (2) be current on all dues, fees and other charges against account. I acknowledge that the above information is accurate and correct. Any misrepresentations with the current information are the sole responsibility of the undersigned. Furthermore, I understand that the freezing of my membership will be executed as per the terms and time frame outlined in my membership agreement. I understand that certain membership types are subject to increases in initiation fees, membership dues, freeze fees, etc. Lastly, I authorize KILLER BODY to charge my credit card that is on record with KILLER BODY for any outstanding balances that remain on my account upon the successful freezing of my membership.


I understand that this is only a request for freeze of membership and the freeze date of my membership will be communicated to me upon the successful review of my membership agreement and account by a membership account representative of THE GYM.

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