Killer Body Fitness Presents:

21 Day Killer Body Challenge

21 Class Passes


Meal Guide


Access to Virtual Classes


Progress Photos


Progress Measurements


When does sign up begin/end?

May 2nd-8th or first 20 sign ups


When does challenge begin/ end?

May 9th - May 29th


How do I sign up?

Link in bio or visit our site


How often can I come?

Everyday! You can even double up!


What if I’ve never worked out before?

We've got you sis! We cater to all clients of all fitness levels and help them reach their greatest potential.

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Killer Body 21 Day challenge is designed to help you jump start the new year with self love, a positive routine and the support needed to be successful.  Whether you want to lose weight, shed fat or maintain a healthy lifestyle, were here to support your goals. Have full access to virtual workouts, 21 Class passes for the studio, Video recipes, meal guide and our motivational community. Once you gain access to our virtual platform, you will have At home workouts and healthy eating right at your finger tips!  Let the ladies at Killer Body be your coaches and help you throughout your health and fitness journey. Can't wait for you to join and be apart of the team!

Alexandra Blanco

I am physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually STRONGER. I feel ready for whatever and whoever comes my way because I am a better version of myself because of this program. My favorite part had to be the CONSISTENT support and encouragement I got from both my online team members and Brittany.

Delisa Mussington

There are a lot of people who’ve supported me throughout this journey but a special thanks to Brittany #KillerBodyFitness; Your program helped me in many ways! 

My favorite part of the program was the consistent encouragement and support from both you and the team. 

Kenyatta Gadson

I used to workout on my own and I would find myself not being consistent. When I decided to get an online trainer it helped me stay consistent and hold myself more accountable. People think having an online trainer you won’t stay motivated because their not face to face and I’m here to say that Brittany checks on you and stays committed right along side you. 

Briana Riggins

The killer body challenge changed the way I worked out. It showed me that it’s not just a guide or a diet, it’s a lifestyle. It changed my body faster in 30 days than any progress I had myself in a year. The accountability and friends I have gained from this program has given me so much happiness

Steven Figueroa

The Killer Bee program helped me because there was a trainer that i felt really cared and strive for me to reach my goal by having me "stick to my goals". I would recommend it because it is something you can do but have the support and the motivation that will push you to go farther! 

Rashidat Omotosho 

The Killer Body Fitness program is one of a kind. There is so much  support from Brittany and the other clients who are working toward their fitness goals. After completing my first month of the KBF program I had tools to live a healthier lifestyle that I'm still using more than 1 year later.


Killer Body workouts will push you to the next level while making you physically stronger. Form is everything. Your training guide will outline the best and safest way to workout. Change your body and your mind! 


Healthy eating is the most important part of this program. Our bodies are engines that need the best fuel to run. You will learn healthier alternatives, portion control and new recipes to make eating healthy fun.


Killer Body program is for people beginner to immediate. With step by step and interavtice workout videos, you will become more comfortable and confident working out.